About Us

Ballin Rentals was established in May of 2018, when I was 17. It all started when I was one week out from my own ball, and my dress arrived. I tried it on and it was a little snug.. so snug that the seam on the butt ripped. The sinking feeling in my gut was enough to tell me, I was having a dire dress emergency! I searched high and low, but I was unable to find any dresses in my style still available to rent for the date 7 days later.


I ended up getting the seam of my dress fixed and reinforced, seeing as there was no other option for me. However, this mishap was what made me venture out into the business of dress renting. Ball is an occasion that most love, but some loathe because of the expenses. Money spent on a ticket, dress, shoes, makeup, hair and nails, all for one night. Ballin Rentals was created to help those who want to look and feel good, but don’t want to pay outrageous amounts for a dress that will only be worn once.


Starting off with my two own ball dresses (Nikki in red & Grace K), I expanded to having my current range from gowns to jumpsuits, perfect for balls and special occasions. I enjoy the feeling of making girls feel gorgeous and knowing I’ve helped out in situations where someone has dealt with a dress emergency, just like I had.


We hope you enjoy using our service as much as we love providing it! xx